We are open by appointment! Your health and safety is our priority so we have implemented necessary safety protocols.


We wanted to create a place in the community where everyone feels welcome.

The door is open. Come in today. Begin a conversation. With us… and with yourself.

Our Intention

Welcome to Demun Healing, where our mission is to help you overcome and release obstacles that may stand in your way of moving forward in life and becoming who you are destined to be. By obstacles, we refer to stagnation and “stuckness.” These obstacles could be unhealthy eating patterns, difficult relationships, self-limiting beliefs and/or tensions that get lodged in the physical body. None of these are permanent. They are all barriers that can be dissolved.

At Demun Healing, we offer individual services with practitioners, trained in various healing arts, with the intent of bringing balance to your physical, mental/emotional, and energetic bodies. We also aim to be a bridge, connecting you to other resources and modalities that may assist you on your journey. In addition to these individualized services, we invite you to participate in one of our workshops, meditations, playshops, or discussions.

Each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience…not the other way around. In realizing this truth, one gains the ability to access the power within to heal. At Demun Healing, we welcome serving as ambassadors for change in your health and wellness, whether this change means increasing nutritional status, decreasing toxicity, clearing energetic or physical stagnation, or simply connecting you with your highest good. We cannot move into the light when we are spiritually bound by restrictions.

So please, enter our space and engage with us for a little inspiration on how we may help you on your path.


Our practitioners come from all over the St Louis metro area and have found a welcoming community within the space. To view all of our practitioners, read their bios and learn more, click below.

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We are much more than our physical bodies. All of these vital elements of self are part the healing process, either by aiding or by impeding our progress. Indeed, many of these modalities work together to bring balance to our physical, mental/emotional, and energetic bodies. Click on any of the individual services we offer to learn more and understand the benefits you can expect.