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Each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience…not the other way around. In realizing this truth, one gains the ability to access the power within to heal. At Demun Healing, we offer individualized sessions with practitioners who are trained to bring balance to your physical, mental/emotional, and energetic bodies. Engage with us for a little inspiration on how we may help you on your healing path.


We offer many different healing techniques that directly help the physical body such as massage, yoga therapy and acupuncture. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Theta and Pranic Healing work more subtly to create shifts in your energy field which help you release beliefs, patterns and energetic blocks that impede your self-healing abilities. Sound healing and trauma release therapy are vibrational techniques that help release trauma and bring the body back into harmony. Some practitioners also offer coaching sessions in conjunction with energy healing which can be a very powerful combo to help you navigate your life. Explore the services offered and feel free to get in touch directly with a practitioner to learn more about the benefits you can expect.


Events + Workshops

We offer different events in the space to provide learning in the areas of meditation, relationships, spirituality  and more. Come join us for a meditation or workshop in person or online. For periodic announcements of events, please sign up for our newsletter.