Category: Medical Intuition

  • Heidi Harris

    Heidi Harris

    Heidi Harris Modern Day Alchemist. ‘Alchemy’ means transformation and is the process of changing one thing into another. ‘Alchemy’ means transformation. Through understanding and transforming our hidden inner world, we can make powerful transformations in our tangible outer world. This is modern Alchemy in action. As a Modern Day Alchemist I utilize clairvoyance to channel…

  • AmyLynn


    AmyLynn’s Journey to Medical Intuition. AmyLynn is local to Saint Louis offering her service through Medical Intuition. She begins by setting a sacred space and finds the exact point of origin creating an unbalance or dis-ease in the body. She utilizes her divine guided intuition to access the subconscious, finding the neurological pathway causing the…