We are open by appointment! Your health and safety is our priority so we have implemented necessary safety protocols.

Our Story

The building address 734 Demun Avenue has been a healing space for several decades. The Healing Arts Center had its beginning here. 734 later became the Healing Center, and now it is Demun Healing. As is evident from the history of the space …“healing” is the intent!

In April, 2018, Bodil got the news that the Healing Center was moving to a new location, and the space would soon become available. In a conversation that is a faded memory to both, Bodil reached out to Cole and said something like, “The Healing Center is moving we should take it over and open a healing space.” Without hesitation, Cole agreed and the concept of Demun Healing was born.

We are carrying out the wishes of a message that we discovered transcribed onto a hidden wall, “Let peace reign on Earth in the name of God. Let all who enter here be healed.” After months of renovations and sorting out the structure and mission of the business, Demun Healing opened its doors on October 1, 2018, at 10:00 am. Meeting this community need is truly bigger than each of us and we wish to do it humbly and with grace.

The opening of Demun Healing could not have been possible without the early and tireless participation of Carlin Wagner, who brought her know-how, connections, and beautiful energy into the space. We also need to give a shout out to Dianna Lucas who helped us bless the space at our very first Full Moon Meditation just prior to opening. Andy Nunberg, who leads several meditations and classes in the space, was also a key contributor to our strong start.

It is with gratitude and love that we give our time and energy to bring these services, workshops, meditations, and wisdom to the St. Louis community. May each and every one of us identify and follow our true path here on Earth.