Category: Intuitive Healing

  • Missy Molinet

    Missy Molinet

    Missy has always possessed an immense desire to help people and a strong empathic and intuitive ability.  She is currently completing a Master’s program in Mental Health – Counseling at University of Missouri – St. Louis. From an early age she experienced Spirit in many ways.  She honed her abilities in mediumship and intuitive connection while studying…

  • AmyLynn


    AmyLynn’s Journey to Medical Intuition. AmyLynn is local to Saint Louis offering her service through Medical Intuition. She begins by setting a sacred space and finds the exact point of origin creating an unbalance or dis-ease in the body. She utilizes her divine guided intuition to access the subconscious, finding the neurological pathway causing the…

  • Carol Lynn

    Carol Lynn

    For more than twenty-five years Carol Lynn has worked as a healer, artist and intuitive with clients across the globe. Carol Lynn’s intuitive gifts come from a natural openness to portals of divine love and healing that she recognized within herself early in life. Nurturing this connection through teachers and her own experiences has allowed…