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Sound Healing by SVOUND. Nocturnal Streams of Consciousness for taming the "Sunday Night Blues"

April 1 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The majority of people suffer from feelings of dread about facing the week that comes on every Sunday evening…an anxiety that sets in …which causes unrest, anxiety and many times sleepless nights.

Join Lisa Grezlak for the Nocturnal Streams of Consciousness Sunday evening Soundbath. A gentle sound healing experience to entrain the nervous system to calm down. To help settle the mind from the chatter, calm the body for sleep, and prepare the mind for the start of the week.

Sound Vibration recalibrates the energy fields in our bodies like nothing else. It overrides the density of lower vibrations of worry, fear and anxiety, and the effects of sound vibration on mind + body + spirit can last for days.

In this 1 hour 20 session, we will begin with guided breathing, that will seamlessly enter into a sound bath of deep and rich tones of the gong, that penetrate deep into the body, balancing out the intense energies of dis-ease. Medical studies report sound vibration has significant positive impacts with those struggling with anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, depression, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, sleep issues and more. A 20 minute relaxed state can be an equivalent to 8 hours of deep, restful sleep.

The Himalayan Singing Bowls will ease the mind, allow the mind to ‘shut off’ while it experiences soothing sounds and allows for all to enter a place or deep rest. You will be then be led into a short guided meditation to help you mindfully prepare for the week, to set the intentions of balance, ease and wellness …

Most have the most incredible night sleep after a sound bath.

The intention is to offer this for those to recalibrate for the week coming up and enter the week with energy, clarity and well-being!

Cost: $ 25 Pay at the door or pay at this link

The space allows for 8 people a session. The smaller size of the space allows for a more powerful sound vibration experience.

Common feedback from people are feelings of being nurtured, love washed over them, comfort, and a deep calm or sense of peacefulness that they have not felt in years. You may feel the internal calmness (mind + body) for days, have the best night sleep, more clarity, creativity, a grounded centering…or even experience a release of sort that make you feel lighter.

Everyone is unique and your experience will be too.

About the Presenter

“I’m inspired to become a premiere advocate for Sound Vibration healing and help provide RESTORATION and CALM for those struggling with any form of dis-ease in their lives. Our minds and bodies are meant to be in a state of total wellness. But in today’s world, there is so much going against the balancing of our energy systems and people are suffering tremendously.

From an early age, I suffered with severe levels of anxiety, depression, ptsd, endometriosis, PMS, and more. It’s been a struggle most of my life to manage. Today, I live with the profound benefits of sound vibration therapy and its healing benefits, and live with a level of freedom and ease that I call a miracle.

My dream is to partner with both the holistic and medical communities to offer this modality and promote the emerging scientific evidence that “The Future of Healing is Sound.”” Lisa Grezlak


April 1
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Demun Healing
734 Demun Avenue
Clayton, 63105


Lisa Grezlak