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Zack Alexander

Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness Counselor

My name is Zack Alexander and I am a Trauma-Informed Holistic Healing Coach. I began my practice with the mission of bringing about wellness and harmony within my client’s lives. In my sessions, I employ a number of alternative therapies such as Reiki/Energy Healing, Mindfulness Consultation, Meditative Techniques, and Somatic Practices to address any imbalances or disharmony that exists within a client’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Our society views the human body as a machine whose parts function independently of one another. However, our physical, emotional, and mental well-being are all interconnected. Any events in our lives that were not fully processed or expressed can become internalized and stuck thus impacting our well-being and health on a cellular level. I look at the individual as a whole, and I work to address the root causal factors behind issues and symptoms. It is my personal aim to help educate and empower individuals in their self-healing journeys, along with guiding them in their discovery of their true selves.

I graduated with honors from Baruch College in New York, NY with a B.S. in Economics. After graduating, I was awarded a near-full scholarship at one of the nation’s premier law schools at Washington University in St. Louis. Despite performing well my first semester, I quickly began to realize that my heart was in alternative healing and I could personally have a greater impact within that field than the legal profession. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, I decided to follow my heart and withdraw from law school after only one semester to pursue a career in alternative healing full-time. I have trained under the revered Kari Buzewski, a Certified Reiki Master and Certified Shamanic Healer of Energy Work NYC.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Zack, call or text him at 347.670.6031 or zaenergetics@gmail.com.

Zack’s Services

The Session

Sessions with me are two hours long and are divided into two parts. The first hour is dedicated towards discussion and consultation, while the last hour focuses on energy work. I often begin sessions asking the client to take me through the issues they are experiencing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. This helps create a clearer picture of the overall state of the client and how their issues may be interrelated.

With this picture in mind, I hold space for the client and help guide them through their exploration of the possible factors that need to be addressed within their personal lives to facilitate overall healing and wellness. I provide the tools and modalities that will best facilitate their exploration and allow them to access their own inner guidance system. It is my responsibility in the first hour to fully connect with the client and understand them on a deep level. It is through this mutual understanding that we can identify the walls and defenses the client may be erecting that prevent their full healing. We then work to bring these walls and defenses down at a pace that is reasonable and comfortable for the client.

Once we’ve moved through the discussion and consultation portion of the session, the client lays on a massage table fully clothed in order for me to assess the health and vitality of their energy field.  Once the assessment is complete, I begin the energy work, which is focused on breaking up and moving stagnant/stuck energy. Clients mostly feel very relaxed and at peace during this portion of the session. Afterwards, I relay information picked up during the energy work and then advise on future steps to address imbalances that surfaced. I work with many clients who, before a session with me, are unfamiliar with energy work and most find the insights to be illuminating and informative.

Cost of a session is $160 for 2 hours.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Zack, call or text him at 347.670.6031 or zaenergetics@gmail.com


Services Provided in Session:

Energy Healing

Energy healing focuses on the life force that flows through all of us, the universal force that puts objects into motion and animates our entire physical world. In China and Japanese cultures that force is referred to as “ki” or “qi”. In India, it is known as prana, which is the energy that spins and flows through energetic centers known as “chakras”. The freedom with which this energy flows through the subtle and physical body can have a particularly important impact on our health. Stress, trauma, and illness can prevent this flow of energy moving along the natural pathways of the body, causing organs to lose functionality and creating disequilibrium in our emotional and mental health as well.

As a Practitioner, I am certified in both Reiki and Pranic forms of Energy Healing, and will utilize both in my sessions. I am trained to identify where a client is storing tension, stress, trauma, anxiety, and other unprocessed emotions. Once identified, I use touch, intention, and visualization to transfer or remove energy in order to restore harmony. In my practice, I strive to help clients understand how these blockages came into existence in the first place. This could be uncovering trauma from childhood, struggling with a past or present abusive relationship, grieving the loss of a loved one, etc.

I often recommend clients do energy healing for a portion of our session. This is largely because our energetic and subtle bodies have a truly profound impact on our overall wellness. Energy healing allows me to access repressed emotions and feelings that more traditional techniques do not. Post session, clients tend to experience life more fully and many report feeling less numb and more in-tune with themselves even weeks after sessions.

Spiritual Awakening Counseling

People often mistake the spiritual awakening process as a fun, blissful, and light experience. However, though each awakening experience is unique, oftentimes an awakening is a very confusing, scary, and isolating process. In the awakening process, our preconceived notions and beliefs not only about the world, but also about ourselves, are broken apart. Mainstream society is unfamiliar with this process and rather than acknowledge it, they usually try to convince us that these experiences and feelings are just our imagination.

Awakening experiences tend to share common themes and progressions. Oftentimes, an individual will experience a “dark night of the soul” or “ego death”, in which the things we attach our identity and self-worth to, such as a career or a relationship, suddenly fall away. It is important to have guidance and clarity through these tumultuous times and understand the bigger picture behind these events. Ultimately, these big shifts are a result of being out of alignment with our true selves. The awakening experience calls us to journey inward to re-align with our true essence and find what is truly fulfilling to us.

I am well-versed in the awakening experience and am here to help guide and hold space for you in your unique journey. It is my aim to help clients better understand the multi-dimensional nature of our reality and their unique circumstances, as well as helping to keep clients grounded and centered while these shifts take place.

Mindfulness Consultation

Mindfulness Consultation revolves around the practice of enabling the client to become more in control of their thought patterns and outlook on life. Oftentimes, our minds are in control of us, rather than us being in control of our minds. Through open-communication and mindfulness-based instruction, I help locate unhealthy thought patterns and work to release them. I guide the client in the practice of observing and witnessing the thoughts that arise, rather than quickly reacting to them. It is through this practice, that we cultivate greater overall awareness and reduce stress and anxiety that comes with daily life.

Meditation Techniques

I am proficient in multiple forms of meditation and will employ them in sessions with clients to allow better access to the sub-conscious, as well as enable the client to become more grounded and centered. Many people are unfamiliar with the vast array of meditative techniques that exist, and how each one can uniquely assist an individual with the particular issue or problem they are working through. I help assess and then guide the client in the meditative forms that best facilitate their healing process.

Over ninety-five percent of our cognitive activity is within our sub-conscious or unconscious minds. Oftentimes, we are making decisions and actions that are largely due to reasons and mechanisms way beyond our conscious awareness. It is through meditation, that I can guide the client into the recesses of their unconscious and enable greater consciousness of self. These techniques empower the individual to access their own internal support, without having to rely on advice or answers from others for all the challenges life brings us. It is through these methods that the client is also able to become more present within the moment and less stuck within their own heads, which facilitates greater clarity and happiness for the individual overall.

Somatic Practices

I use somatic practices to primarily address the physical component of healing that intersects with the emotional and mental. Unfortunately, we do not always fully process the emotional events that arise in our lives and the feelings that accompany them. These unprocessed experiences can then in turn become stuck within our physical body, within our tissues. When this occurs, it will create dysregulation within our autonomic nervous system. When our nervous systems are dysregulated, our bodies will begin to perceive themselves as experiencing past events within the present moment. Consequently, this can cause our nervous system to be in a state of chronic-hyper vigilance (fight-or-flight) in which we constantly perceive everything in our external environment to be of threat.

Through the use of focused and intentional breath work, I will guide the client to bring their awareness internally within the physical body. We will locate areas of tension and tightness, areas that may be storing old experiences. We will then foster a safe environment in which the client can explore and release the experiences that were never fully processed in the moment. Furthermore, I will guide the client in the co-regulation of their nervous system. This allows the client to become more in control when the body attempts to enter states of fight-or-flight, as well as become more present in the physical body. Allowing the body to release these unprocessed experiences can reduce inflammation and many other physical ailments.

Cost of a session is $160 for 2 hours.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Zack, call or text him at 347.670.6031 or zaenergetics@gmail.com