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Rolfing ® Structural Integration.

Rolfing is a manual therapy that recognizes a connective tissue called fascia, which builds our body and gives us posture. In Rolfing, we are conscientious of how gravity is over us all the time and how it affects our bodies every day.

Starting from our childhood, when we learned to walk, we first copied the same walking patterns of the people around us. As we grew, we improved the movements of our body; and eventually we began to run, use bikes, skates, etc. In this journey, we fell, were unbalanced, and sometimes got injured. Therefore, after many years of misalignment in our bodies, we start to feel pain and discomfort where there was not any before. With Rolfing, we can reorganize the tissues to release this tension which has been accumulating.

Imagine your body free of pain with better mobility, ready to do all your daily activities.

The Rolf Recipe (10 Sessions)

After years of experience and fine tuning the therapy, Dr. Ida Rolf developed the 10-sessions of bodywork called “The Recipe”. For us Rolfers, this is a perfect vision of how we will balance and release the adhesions of the layers of a person’s fascia.

This recipe of 10 sessions is divided into 3 parts. From session 1-3, we work on the superficial fascia, from session 4-7 we work with the core level, and from session 8-10 we go into integration sessions.

In every session, we focus on a specific part of the body. For example, session 1 focuses on breathing and all the muscles and tissues that help our respiration. Overall, the way Dr. Ida Rolf designed the sequences of the series is groundbreaking. The logic and flow of the recipe works with specific muscles, with each session giving us a comprehensive perspective of the whole system and how we can reset the mobility of the structures to live and move better with gravity.

Everybody is different, and we develop this recipe uniquely for each client. We work together as client and practitioner to get the best possible results.

Cost of a session is $110 for 75 minutes

Cost of a program of 3 sessions $300, each session is 75 minutes

The cost of the complete program of 10 sessions is, $900. each session is 75 minutes

To get more information about Victor and his work, or to make an appointment, please contact him at or (314) 498-4070.


Cupping Therapy.

Cupping is being used in TMC as a health diagnostic system. Cupping is mostly use to release congested and contracted muscle tissues. It also helps with blood pressure issues, anxiety, and brings water and blood to where cups are applied. This helps the body with toxin removal.

I use traditional glass cups.

Cost of a session is $65 for 30 minutes

To get more information about Victor and his work, or to make an appointment, please contact him at or (314) 498-4070.


Sound Therapy.

Sound is primordial in human history, and the way we have developed everything around sound makes it a very interesting and powerful tool. Sound has been used with different intentions throughout life. For example, sound is used for communication, protection, safety, healing, fun, ceremonies, and more. We can find a lot of different uses of sound in different communities around the world.

Today, science has revealed the power of sound and its application in Western medicine, and how sound can help obtain better results in sick patients.

The benefits of sound are relaxation, inner awareness, connection between mind and body, stress relief, decrease in anxiety, treating sleep disorders, and coping with pain.

The instruments I use for this therapy are Didgeridoo, Gong, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Saz, Guitar, Voice, various Flutes, Shims, and Rav and other ancient Drums.

The cost of an individual session is $80 for 60 minutes

Group cost change, please ask for this price at or (314) 498-4070

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