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Nancy Straatmann

Transformational Coach

Nancy Straatmann has been helping clients transform their lives for over 20 years. Intuitive and compassionate, she guides clients to follow the call of their spirit into integration of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  With her experience as a Heartmath® practitioner, mindfulness, and meditation instructor, Nancy guides clients to stay in the now and live their authentic self.

Nancy’s goal is to help clients fall in love with their life, trust their inner wisdom and intuition, and live with joy.  She believes our inner voice is always calling us to greater wholeness, and she is honored to assist clients on their journey of living their Spirit.  Nancy believes that as we create peace within ourselves, we help create peace in the world.

Nancy studied meditation and mindfulness with Deepak Chopra and is certified to teach The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation®. She has studied meditation practices with Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leader in the neuroscience of change. Nancy has been meditating daily for 18 years and is passionate about sharing its healing benefits. She has been a practitioner of Reiki for 35 years, she is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, and she is trained in complementary somatic movement techniques to release constriction and open energy channels in the body.  In addition, Nancy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and certified alcohol and drug counselor. Nancy is on the board of directors of the CG Jung Society of St Louis.

For more information or to book an appointment with Nancy, call or text 314.329-4235 or NancyStraatmannLPC@gmail.com.

Nancy’s Services

Transformational Coach

As a Transformational Coach, Nancy combines her knowledge and experience to help clients live their spirit and learn to trust their intuition and inner wisdom for guidance. Nancy believes we are all co-creator of our lives.  She guides clients to identify their heart’s desires and goals, and provides opportunities to learn and practice skills for achieving their highest potential. Individual sessions are tailored for each client and include any or all of the following:  Heart focused training for brain-heart connection, Mindfulness and self-observation training, Identifying and changing patterns of thinking, emotions, physical, and behavioral responses, Meditation training in the style that’s best for each individual, Somatic movement to release constriction and open energy channels, Reiki assistance. Clients will gain skills and resources to continue using throughout their life.  (Please note that coaching is not the same as counseling. Coaching helps clients learn new skills to create a new path forward.  Counseling may be a better choice for clients who want to understand and resolve the past.) 

Benefits of the above skills can include:

  • Reduced stress, overwhelm, worry, and fear
  • Access to intuition and creativity,
  • Calmer nervous system, the antidote to fight or flight
  • Increased resilience to manage everyday stressors
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Increased energy and joy of being alive
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Increased connection to Higher Power
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved sleep patterns

Cost of a session is $125 for 60 minutes or consider a recommended 3-session package for $350.

For more information or to book an appointment with Nancy, call or text her at 314.329-4235 or NancyStraatmannLPC@gmail.com.