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Nancy Straatmann

Holy Fire Reiki, Mindfulness Based Coaching

Nancy Straatmann is a certified meditation instructor, mindfulness based coach, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and licensed professional counselor. Nancy’s interest in healing began 30 years ago as she explored ways to maintain wellness through healthy eating, yoga and breathwork practices, alternative philosophies, and mindfulness training. In the mid-1990’s she immersed herself in healing through grief and led grief support groups for eight years.

In 2006 Nancy studied with Deepak Chopra and became affiliated with the Chopra Center as a certified instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation. She meditates daily and loves sharing the many benefits that meditation has brought to her life. By transcending our thoughts, we develop mindfulness to carry throughout our daily lives. Nancy’s healing path led her to receive a Master’s degree in counseling from Webster University. She obtained the license of professional counselor, as well as certification as an alcohol and drug counselor through the state of Missouri.

Putting her trainings together, Nancy uses meditative, mindfulness-based, and cognitive practices with individuals and groups, as a teacher, coach, mentor, and counselor. Nancy has been a Reiki practitioner for 25 years and recently became a Holy Fire Reiki Master, which deepened her ability to help others through the power of loving energy. Her goal is to help people love themselves and trust their inner wisdom through a balance of mind, body, and spirit. She believes that as we create peace within ourselves we help to create peace in the world.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Nancy call or text her at 314.324.3405 or NancyStraatmannLPC@gmail.com.

Nancy’s Services

Mindfulness Based Coaching

Individual coaching can help you navigate life’s transitions, create goals, increase motivation, manage situational stress, and gain support and encouragement for personal growth and well-being. With mindfulness-based and cognitive strategies, you can learn to create the changes you wish to see in your life. Meditation instruction and Holy Fire Reiki energy may be added to our sessions upon request. My goal is to help you feel grounded and empowered in your body/ mind/ and spirit.

Please note that coaching is not a counseling session. Deeper issues such as trauma, anxiety, or depression may be better helped with counseling. Nancy Straatmann is a certified meditation & mindfulness instructor, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and licensed professional counselor and can help you discern which path to choose.

Cost of a session is $90 for 60 minutes. If combined with Holy Fire Reiki in a 90-minute session, the cost is $125.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Nancy, call or text her at 314-329-4235 or NancyStraatmannLPC@gmail.com


Holy Fire Reiki

Holy Fire is the energy and vibration of divine love that makes up our spirit and life force. This energy can be cleansing, releasing, healing, and empowering; inviting us to experience our wholeness. As you receive Holy Fire Reiki, Nancy will guide you through a personalized meditation to help you relax, release thoughts, and develop healing intentions.

You’ll be supported to help you feel centered and bring your mind/body/spirit into balance. During the session, Reiki energy goes wherever it is most needed and continues to stay with you after the session. Mindfulness based coaching may be added at the end of the session for additional support.

Cost of a session is $90 for 60 minutes of Holy Fire Reiki. If combined with Mindfulness based Coaching in a 90-minute session, the cost is $125.

To schedule an appointment call or text Nancy at 314-329-4235 or NancyStraatmannLPC@gmail.com