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Lisa Grezlak

Sound Vibrational Therapist

I’m inspired to become a premiere advocate for Sound Vibration healing and help provide RESTORATION and CALM for those struggling with any form of dis-ease in their lives. Our minds and bodies are meant to be in a state of total wellness. But in today’s world, there is so much going against the balancing of our energy systems and people are suffering tremendously.

From an early age, I suffered with severe levels of anxiety and depression. As life progressed PTSD popped up, and a host of other emotional and physical issues. that were managed through medication and ‘hiding’.

While visiting Sedona, AZ in 2016, I got an ‘accidental’ sound massage (as I thought I was getting a standard body massage). and that session changed my life forever. Today I am free from the physical and mental pain I lived with my entire life by incorporating sound vibration healing regularly.  A whole new world of understanding ME has opened up and I can say that I have reclaimed the most important aspects of myself I never knew, and with gained healing.

Today, I am a full-time Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner providing private session 1:1 work for clients –and– offering community soundbaths. It has been a blessing of a journey to witness so many healings, awakenings, and other unique experiences so many have experienced and have shared with me. My practice continues to educate me through experience and continual studies on the mind + body + spirit and its ability to heal through sound vibration.

My dream is to partner with leading medical practitioners / communities to merge and adopt this modality into ‘mainstream medicine’ as a leading prescription for healing chronic disease / conditions as emerging scientific data reveals that “The Future of Medicine is Sound Vibration.”

To learn more information contat Lisa at svound@gmail.com or to set up a one-on-one, couples or mini session directly, visit https://calendly.com/svound/one-on-one?month=2020-11

Lisa’s Services

One-on-One Sound Healing Session

Session includes:
– Therapy-specific Sound Vibration bowls that create a deep vibration through the body. Placed directly on the body which reaches down to the bone and repairs at the DNA level.
– Singing Bowls are used to help the brain to release, thereby calming the nervous system.
– Hands-on Reiki Healing on body.
– Plus Healing tools: Tuning forks, Essential oils, Crystals

Cost of a 90-minute session is $155. 

To learn more information email Lisa at svound@gmail.com.

Couples or Mini (2 people only)

For couples or Friends, Family, or Parent-Child

What to expect:
– Therapy-specific Sound Vibration bowls that create a deep vibration through the body. Placed directly on the chest or abdomen which creates a very deep vibration inside the body calming it almost immediately.
– Crystal Singing Bowls help the brain to stop the chatter and enter into a calm state.
– Soft vibrations of the 32″ Saturn Gong filling the room and washing through the body.
– Plus healing tools: Reiki, Crystals, Essential oils

Cost of a 90-minute session is $95 per person. 

To learn more information email Lisa at svound@gmail.com.