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Certified Life Coach | Licensed Massage Therapist

effective May 15th, 2024, all prices include gratuity

Swedish Massage

Melt away stress, unlock muscle knots and boost circulation.  This traditional form of massage encourages deep relaxation, one of the body’s mechanisms for healing. Swedish and Myofascial techniques are blended to provide a soothing massage in a safe, tranquil environment.

This modality is perfect for anyone wanting to simply relax with a traditional style massage.

70 minutes | $120

90 minutes | $140

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses forearm and hand pressure to deliver long, full body strokes.  This gentle, yet deeply relaxing massage is complemented with Hawaiian music.

This modality is perfect for anyone seeking deep relaxation.

70 minutes | $120

Barefoot Massage

Barefoot massage, also known as Ashiatsu, is a form of massage therapy where the licensed massage therapist uses her feet as the tool to provide deep pressure to release myofascial tissue.  Long, broad strokes are performed to address muscle tissue and interconnected layers of fascia throughout the body, providing deep relaxation.

This modality is perfect for anyone seeking deep pressure for the relief of muscle tension.

70 minutes | $120


The primary goal of Reflexology is to relax the body in order to improve the flow of blood, nerve impulses and bioelectrical energy throughout the body to allow the body to normalize, balance and heal itself. Reflexology can be performed on the feet as a stand alone session or combined with a full body massage.

This modality is perfect for anyone who is seeking a simple, yet effective way to relax.

60 minutes | $90

Life Coaching & Massage Therapy

Unwind your mind, relax your body.   Coaching allows you to separate yourself from your thoughts so that you can create new solutions, and overcome obstacles.  Massage enables the physical release and integration of emotions, further reducing stress and easing muscle tension.

These back-to-back services are a great option for anyone ready to overcome obstacles and then relax into results.

120 minutes | $250

To learn more information or to book an appointment with Karen, call or text her at 314.368.7061 or karen@karencrowcoaching.com at least 24 hours in advance.


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