Heidi Harris

Heidi’s Services

Sessions offered in person or via Zoom. All services include channeled messages.

• Life Coaching Common themes I work with clients on are concerns about relationships, family dynamics, career challenges and dreams, financial goals, organizational skills, stress and anxiety relief, healing from the past, better sleep patterns, improving physical wellbeing, releasing tension, increasing mental focus, and making life transitions.

• Tarot Readings As a clairvoyant, I connect with the energetic realms to channel information. I combine this ability with my tarot skills to bring information that can help with things like choices you need to make, relationship dynamics, career decisions, questions you want answers to, future scenarios or outcomes, grieving loss, releasing from the past, and other information you may not know about yet that is waiting for your discovery.

• Reiki Energy Healing There is a life force energy that flows through all living things. Sometimes this energy gets blocked or disrupted, resulting in an unbalanced, unwell state of being. Reiki restores the flow of your life force energy by opening and rebalancing the body’s energy centers called Chakras, promoting healing and wellbeing. We will discuss your concerns and set intentions for what you’d like to improve, and you’ll receive a chart with information about your Chakras as well as aftercare tips for optimal results.

• Movement + Mindfulness + Meditation Stress, insomnia, anxiety, overwhelm, and physical tension are challenges to our wellbeing. After discussing your concerns, I will guide you through gentle movements, breathwork, mindfulness practices, and a guided meditation. You’ll learn ways to ease muscle tension, mental activity, and stress, so you can be more relaxed, focused, and connected to your calm center within.

60 minutes $170 – 90 minutes $210 Packages available at a 20% discount.

To Schedule a Session: www.heidishouseofalchemy.com Follow me on Instagram: @heidishouseofalchemy Email: heidishouseofalchemy@aol.com

A Deep Bow Of Appreciation For My Teachers + Mentors Emmet Schmelig, Jen Jones, Tias & Surya Little, Zack Alexander, Emily Wehrman, Kari Buzewski, Gretchen Hydo, Ahram Arya, and Abel Yares.