Carol Lynn

Carol’s Services

Intuitive Counseling

Carol Lynn will intuitively guide you to open/expand your spiritual awakening through energy healing and intuitive awareness, breaking through resistance to success, to know who you truly are and find your soul’s life purpose allowing greater joy and freedom to create the conscious life you desire to experience.


  • Transforming resistances within yourself
  • Guide you to open new doors for success
  • Free you from emotional or physical pain
  • Release and heal trauma-based experiences
  • Guide you when you are at a crossroads in your life
  • Help overcome struggle with addiction(s)
  • Move gracefully through career roadblocks or changes
  • Shift stagnant or unhealthy relationships for positive outcomes
  • Teach many techniques to empower and know yourself more intimately
  • Begin/expand your personal self-growth practices
  • Clear and activate your chakras
  • Clear your auric field
  • Release anxiety and worry
  • Remove/transform unhealthy energy cords and psychic contracts
  • Work with your higher self, guides, inner aspects and future self
  • Past life influence clearing or inviting gifts and talents needed for this lifetime
  • Invite your spirit guides and guardian angels to come forward and give messages of hope, clarity, inspiration & support
  • Crystal, sound, light and Carol Lynn’s portal art will be supporting the sessions as well

Carol Lynn will custom tailor each session based on your goals/needs using a combination of techniques. This presents you with an opportunity to live in greater harmony with your true self.

All of Carol Lynn’s offerings involve her art that has been designed and infused with powerful energies to support whatever growth and healing is being done. Her art will be in the healing sessions on the walls to allow the powerful energies to join in!

Her healing is like nothing I have experienced, I believe it originates from truth, light, deep compassion. “Mk, Miami”

Cost of a session is $130 for 60 minutes, $195 for 90 minutes.

To learn more, please check out her website to see all her offerings and find out more about Carol Lynn. To book an appointment with Carol, please call or text her at 314. 349.7600 or go to

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