Becca Anderson

Becca’s Services

Intuitive Energy Healing

60 & 90 Minute Sessions
Becca‘s healing sessions are a combination of gentle hands-on reiki energy healing and spirit body cleansing. Intuitively guided by spirit and her inner wisdom, she cleanses your different aura layers and balances your chakra energy fields. With the help of her angels, reiki guides, and ancestors, her healing sessions can help you to release energetic blockages and remove anything that is no longer serving your highest good. This can result in a more clear and grounded body, mind and spirit that can lead you into a higher vibration and elevate different aspects of your life. At times, Becca is able to receive messages from the Otherworld in visions, words, songs, or phrases that can help the client release something they’ve been holding onto. She will sometimes use palm stones to deepen and accelerate the healing if needed.

To book a healing session with Becca, email her at or call/text her at 314.492.8248

Reiki I, II, and Master Certification

Individual or Group
Her courses are designed to create empowered intuitive energy healers by teaching a blend of traditional reiki and other spiritual methods. She doesn’t shy away from topics like shadow work, inner child healing, witchcraft, entity removal, cord-cutting, dreamwork, and more. She believes that the key to becoming the best energy healer you can be is by embracing all aspects of the spiritual world. There are lessons in both the dark and the light. Developing a well-rounded practice teaches you to be unafraid of the shadows within yourself so that you can fearlessly face them when helping others.
Her main goal is to teach her students how to access their inner magick. She believes we all have natural spiritual gifts sleeping deep within our hearts waiting to be awakened. With her classes, she will guide you through this awakening by pulling those gifts to the surface and help you to nurture them to their fullest potential.
— As above, so below. As within, so without. —
To learn more about getting your reiki certification with Becca, email her at or call/text her at 314.492.8248

Spiritual Coaching

60 & 90 Minute Sessions
These sessions are great if you want special one on one time with Becca so you can really pick her brain and accelerate your goals. Coaching sessions can leave you feeling clear minded, motivated, and excited about next steps!

Coaching topics can include but are not limited to:

  • learning more about unique spiritual topics and paths
  • deepening your reiki or energy healing practice
  • getting started as a reiki or energy healer
  • organizing thoughts, plans, and ritual for your spiritual practice
  • finding alignment, inspiration, and motivation for a creative project

To get coaching from Becca, email her at or call/text her at 314.492.8248

To learn more about Becca and what she does, visit She looks forward to meeting you soon!

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