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Medical Intuitive

AmyLynn’s Journey to Medical Intuition. AmyLynn is local to Saint Louis offering her service through Medical Intuition. She begins by setting a sacred space and finds the exact point of origin creating an unbalance or dis-ease in the body. She utilizes her divine guided intuition to access the subconscious, finding the neurological pathway causing the issue. AmyLynn also speaks on nutrition and balancing the body. She originally learned physical well-being through healing her own body with the Gerson Therapy. After completing this 2-year program in 2015, she began to speak and share the information with others to live a more natural and balanced life. Following, she started her mediation practice with Dr. Joe Dispenza and is a big proponent of Paul Selig’s Guides transcripts. She then started her training with Tina Zion in Medical Intuition and received her Advanced Medical Intuitive Certification. She has been working as a Medical Intuitive since assisting clients in person and on-line. Her mission is to be the Beacon of the LIGHT. To live in the highest state of well-being possible and to assist and serve others to live in their highest state of well-being. “Through my magnificent journey I have learned healing the inner world heals the outer world. So this is my work now on this earth and I am very grateful for this gift I have tapped into to share with others.”

AmyLynn’s Services

Medical Intuition

What you can expect in a Medical Intuitive Session: “It’s really a simple and gentle process. We sit down and I ask for permission to work with you. I say a beautiful prayer to clear and set the energetic space. I then began to share what comes to me intuitively. It’s fascinating because it never means anything to me, but it ALWAYS means something to you. I then ask if you would like to heal what was uncovered. If you say yes, I am guided intuitively how to help you change the perception that is causing the issue. Once we create this change, it is permanent. Your new perception does not react to your conscious environment anymore in the same way. There will probably be tears, since with every physical thought or ailment, there is an emotion attached. After this change is completed you will see with new eyes. When you go back into your conscious environment, you will no longer feel the trigger because the old perception does not exist. Clients ALWAYS say they feel better and are inspired after, a type of new freedom and knowing begins. I love this work. I only work with light and love, so it feels really good.”

During a Medical Intuitive session the following may be uncovered and addressed:

~ A past life unresolved trauma or experience carried energetically into this lifetime

~ A dramatic event or episode during childhood

~ An old belief that no longer serves you

~ Current life stress or anxiety, not being able to process an intense event or emotion. Past or current relationship strain with family, friends, partners

~ Physical realm; environmental toxins, substance abuse, self-sabotage ~ Non-physical realm, attached foreign energy picked up while unaware in low energy status

The cost of a Medical Intuitive session is $111 for 60 minutes, $133 for 75 minutes.

To learn more information or to book an appointment with AmyLynn, call or text her at 314.398.9098 or amylynn@klaritylifestyle.com